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6 Moments in a Room


There was a young woman in a room. It had a single window, slightly dusty, but it was sunny outside. She was pregnant. Birth pangs and hours of labour, she gave birth to a girl. The room glowed with sunshine.


There was a young woman and a baby girl in a room. The mother had put up net curtains to cover up the dirty window. Outside, there were huge heavy pregnant clouds of grey. The young woman had an umbrella but she knew it wouldn’t last. The little girl grew up and read and played and danced and laughed - sometimes with her mother, sometimes on her own, when her mother was sleeping. She never noticed the coming storm.

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I’m Awful…

…with keeping up on Tumblr.

There are times I feel like writing essays on my blog but then I stop to think, “Do I have the time?”, “Is it any use?” and other self-doubting phrases. Besides, I’m only one more voice in a sea of cacophanies.

Other times, I say to myself that a word (or ten) or just an interesting quote will do. But then it occurs to me that I might just be saying things for the sake of saying things, rather than with some clear purpose in mind. *sigh* Am I overthinking?

Starting things has always been easy for me. Keeping up with them? Not so much…

[NB: I’ve finished reading Dr. Jackson’s ‘Islam and the Blackamerican’ and I have to say, was totally blown away! May Allah protect him and guide him in his pursuits. He has some lofty aims and as a Muslim living in the West - indeed, as a Western Muslim - I cannot recommend this book enough!]

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