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She's learning how to drown

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Unbraid your hair. Let your fingertips slip through the curling strands.

Look in the mirror. Just look.


Feel the shards -
Wanting to reflect but the mirror is broken.

Smile a little more.

The sadness in your eyes might make your reflection swim
But don’t stop. Smiling.

Embrace the hurt.

Plunge, face first,
Into the newly carved

Hallowed space,
This pain is holy.
Breaking you to make you whole again.

You will learn
What is true
And what is real.

And while you drown,
Gasp and splutter -
Racking sobs and heaving sighs -
Call out His name,
Call on His Beloved.

That is the rope which you should have grasped.

The longer you allow it to slip
Through your hand,
The longer it shall burn.

Take it.
The rough before the smooth.
Taste it.
The bitter before the sweet.
Tear it.
The illusion before the truth.

"The sky is mine," said the Prince.

One day, it shall be ours.

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Valley of Roses

She is dreaming of a valley of roses –

Separation so bitter to bear –

Cast your affairs into the stream, Mother of Moses,

Sing Prince Solomon’s Love song with cheer!

Pluck the day with the slave of the Subtle,

Black beads clicking, voices singing aloud.

The blooms and breezes will whisper their secret,

“Let Love’s sharp thorns be your crown.”            

Sipping patient, lips moistened with liquor,

She tugs at the veils of this life.

God willing, she dies – in remembrance –

And slits her throat with Abraham’s knife.

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Contemplating on the Complementary

“But everything that you and I know, everything in this domain, everything that you and I participate in, everything that you and I know and talk about and live and eat and breathe and all of our life – it’s creation through and through, top to bottom, left and right.

And every single one of those things, every one of them, even [down] to the atom, even down to the quark inside of the atom, Allah said that ‘There’s nothing that We haven’t created but we created it in pairs.’

You don’t know black unless you’ve seen white; you don’t right unless you’ve seen wrong; you don’t know up until you’ve been down. You don’t happiness until you’ve had a little bit of grief; you don’t know grief until you’ve tasted happiness.

Allah creates everything in pairs – ‘la3lakom tadhakkaroon’ – so that you might be a people of remembrance, that you might be a people who contemplate, that you be a people that reflect, that you be a people who mention – that you reflect, that you mention, that you contemplate, that you remember the blessings of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala upon you.

Because if you do not have the opposite of something, you do not know what it is that you have.”

- Imam Abdul Latif Finch, on the wisdom of contemplating on the complementary, remembering and thus turning from the creation to the Creator.

The above is a small excerpt of a Friday sermon delivered by Imam Abdul Latif Finch. Now, I ain’t American but give love where love is due. A review? It’s positive, ya Sidi - 110%.

Here is wisdom crystallised - relevant to our times (masha’Allah, I loved how the examples of the Prophet were linked to our own situations). And a joke here and there always sweetens the message. :)

It was great so no need for nerves (‘chill out’) - may Allah protect and preserve him and all of our teachers - ameen!

Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad, al fatihi lima ughliqa, wal khatimi lima sabaq, nasiril haqqi bil Haqq, wal hadi ila siratik al mustaqeem, wa ‘ala aalihi, haqqa qadrihi wa miqdarihil adheem.

NB: This talk is available to download here.

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