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Couldn’t find the lyrics translation for the first part of this clip, so I copy-pasted the lyrics for the song that starts about 2 minutes in.

I am the servant of a Lord with the power
To make any hard thing easy.
What does it matter, then, that I am weak,
Since my Lord is able to do all things?
What can I do for myself,
When I am a servant, a slave?
All things are decreed by fate,
Of this there can be no doubt.
My Lord looks upon me,
My own view is of no value.
Womb after womb, gut after gut,
From a single drop He made me.

(What power have I over anything?
What can I do for myself?
Should I fear for my sustenance? Why,
When my Creator sustains me?)

He says to His desire, ‘Be!’, and it is;
In His glory, He begins and returns.
He decrees as He please in His creation;
He does in His kingdom as He will.
In the darkness of the womb,
He shaped me from a drop,
From the start He graced me
With favours of every kind.
He created for me food and water,
And all manner of blessings;
I was born without a stitch on,
So He covered me and clothed me.


And He continues to cover me;
Glory be to Him, the Wise, the Knowing!
I have no strength, and no power,
Save in the Almighty All-High God.
I was naked when I was born,
Not knowing this from that;
God in His beneficence covered me,
And gave my spirit nourishment:
Milk that flowed from the body,
That I might drink and be nourished.
And He spread the earth-carpet for me,
And covered me with the ceiling-sky.


Glory be, then, to Him whose bounty covers us;
We are duty bound to give him thanks and praise.
He graces us with His kindness,
And provides for us from the sky and the earth.
All the earth is God’s carpet,
And I am in God’s kingdom;
All creatures are God’s wards,
And I am a creature of God;
All sustenance is God’s duty,
I eat from God’s sustenance;
No cause have I to worry,
For my share will surely come to me.

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