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Humans have been thinking about infinity since antiquity. Archimedes made use of infinity in calculating areas and volumes. Galileo noted the curious fact that there are “just as many” whole numbers as there are even numbers. That is, we can pair each whole number {1, 2, 3, 4, … } with a unique even number and vice versa - just multiply any whole number by 2 (e.g., 1 gets paired with 2, 2 with 4, 3 with 6, etc). This is a surprising result since the set of whole numbers {1, 2, 3, 4, … } contains the set of even numbers {2, 4, 6, … }, yet since we can pair the elements of both sets, they appear to be the “same size”. It might be tempting to dismiss the observation since we intuitively expect all infinite sets to be the “same size”. However, German mathematician Georg Cantor showed that this intuition is simply wrong, and that there are different “sizes” of infinity. In fact, there are an infinite number of infinities. 

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Oh, boy…

…that Intro to Math Finance exam did not go well.

Admittedly, it went much better than Chaos and Fractals, yesterday, where I only wrote a letter of apology in response to the first question and twiddled my thumbs for the rest of the exam…

Time for some tea.

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Here goes…


Ok, so here goes. My first ‘personal’ blog post.

Since I’ve started my Tumblr (just over a month ago), I’ve been mostly browsing, reblogging, liking, etc. (when I ever actually go on, that is). I’ll post a quote every now and again but nothing much, nothing original (i.e. coming from me - I’m fully aware that most things aren’t ‘original’ in the sense most people understand the word).

But I’d like this to change, insha’Allah.

Of course, this isn’t the ideal time for me to start (final year at uni - EEK!). And I mean, maths is difficult enough as it is without having a wonderfully alluring dashboard, filled with thought-provoking posts, quotes and pictures. And memes - God, how I love those memes.

Anyhow, regardless of it being the perfect time or not, I’m gonna do my absolute BESTEST to keep up with some regular posts.

NB: My understanding of the word regular will fluctuate in accordance with my coursework deadlines, revision workload and my levels of CBA-ness. I will try my utmost to keep the last to a minimum.

For sure, I’ll be keeping up with reading posts, insha’Allah. Heck, I’ve already learnt so much just from randomly clicking about.

But for now, I think this’ll do.

Peace out!

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