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I’m Awful…

…with keeping up on Tumblr.

There are times I feel like writing essays on my blog but then I stop to think, “Do I have the time?”, “Is it any use?” and other self-doubting phrases. Besides, I’m only one more voice in a sea of cacophanies.

Other times, I say to myself that a word (or ten) or just an interesting quote will do. But then it occurs to me that I might just be saying things for the sake of saying things, rather than with some clear purpose in mind. *sigh* Am I overthinking?

Starting things has always been easy for me. Keeping up with them? Not so much…

[NB: I’ve finished reading Dr. Jackson’s ‘Islam and the Blackamerican’ and I have to say, was totally blown away! May Allah protect him and guide him in his pursuits. He has some lofty aims and as a Muslim living in the West - indeed, as a Western Muslim - I cannot recommend this book enough!]

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Currently reading…

Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Toward the Third Resurrection, by Sherman A. Jackson.


So I  found this book in my uni library when I was trying to dig out a copy of Malcolm X’s autobiography and immediately grabbed it when I realised that it was indeed the work of Dr. Sherman Abdul Hakim Jackson, whose articles and videos I have read and followed via the awesome Lamppost Productions website.

There are whole chunks I want to quote but I’ll only take a couple of the gems and leave the rest for people to fish out for themselves (every page has at least two, in my opinion).

This book is insightful, eye-opening, thought-provoking, ambitious and EXTREMELY relevant. I may not be an American but in exploring the relationship that Blackamericans - Muslim and otherwise - have had (and continue to have) with Islam, Dr. Jackson unearths issues that affect every modern Muslim, from East to West (but especially for those in the latter).

Highly recommended read and insha’Allah, I’ll do a fuller review on completion of the book.

Mind you, the references alone provide a further reading list (Sylviane Diouf next, methinks!) that I’m sure I’ll enjoy devouring after my final exams this summer. :)

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