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I almost didn’t recognise his voice, deeper yet still soft with prepubescence, when Youssef picked up the phone.

I got excited, momentarily lost in wonder. “Is that really him? God, how tall he is now?”

I think back to summer days, lounging in the neighbour’s olive groves, sunlight dappling our faces. The kids running across the grass, playing tag and laughing loudly. I picture the still green leaves and the red clay walls, brown earth and clear streams.

I cannot wait to cross land and ocean, to pull up to a smoke-filled, sun-soaked entrance. To ring on the bell and have the metal door yanked open. To see beaming smiles and to cover various cheeks with frantic kisses, to tousle hair and clap backs.

It’s been three years and there’s a part of me calling home.

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Arab Swag: The History of Arabization


Many are often enthralled by European Colonialism and its vast influence on often bastardizing, robbing, exploiting, and conquering large portions of the world and converting them to their sub-par ways of life in an attempt for their own “Superiority” Complexes and often developing inferiority…

You know, when people say to me, “So you’re Arab?”

And I reply with, “Not really…”

This is why.

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