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I’m Awful…

…with keeping up on Tumblr.

There are times I feel like writing essays on my blog but then I stop to think, “Do I have the time?”, “Is it any use?” and other self-doubting phrases. Besides, I’m only one more voice in a sea of cacophanies.

Other times, I say to myself that a word (or ten) or just an interesting quote will do. But then it occurs to me that I might just be saying things for the sake of saying things, rather than with some clear purpose in mind. *sigh* Am I overthinking?

Starting things has always been easy for me. Keeping up with them? Not so much…

[NB: I’ve finished reading Dr. Jackson’s ‘Islam and the Blackamerican’ and I have to say, was totally blown away! May Allah protect him and guide him in his pursuits. He has some lofty aims and as a Muslim living in the West - indeed, as a Western Muslim - I cannot recommend this book enough!]

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